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Recent sea changes in the healthcare industry have set in motion new market dynamics that drive the demand for more transparency and deeper understanding of prices for healthcare products and services.  An environment has been created, by enactment of the Healthcare Price Transparency Act of 2012, which places an emphasis on the availability of price information for all healthcare products and services.  Because of the growing pressurees on healthcare budgets, appropriate justification for current expenditures and future investments in healthcare services are becoming increasingly important.  Copharix was formed to address the need for independent asssessments of healthcare market trends.   Initially, Copharix will provide its analytics services and software to pharmaceutical companies, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers and other participants in the pharmaceutical value chain.  Copharix will produce pharmacoeconomic data and analytics that help to characterize healthcare prices and other important industry metrics.  The use of pharmacoeconomic analyses to support drug cost reimbursement decision-making is a central focus of Copharix.  We expect to offer value added, independent, analysis of critical elements of healthcare market dynamics.


The Copharix Team has broad, interdisciplinary experience and expertise in various industries including sectors of the healthcare market.  The Copharix Team has extensive experience and expertise in business intelligence, pharmaceutical value chain analysis, and other disciplines that enable us to provide guidance regarding key planning, operational and strategic decisions.



Robert E. Dansby

Dr. Dansby has 25+ years’ experience in business and technology development at Bell Labs, AT&T and other health information technology ventures.  Over the years, he played key roles in the development and launch of new technology based services and products such as: a pioneering medical information system; the first programmable hearing aid; and the development of mathematical foundations for a unified theory of price and market competitiveness indexes.  His academic studies have focused on mathematics, statistics, operations research, economics and finance culminating in his earning a BS degree from the University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff, a MS from UCLA and a Ph.D. from New York University.

DeAndra Jones
R.Ph., MBA

Ms. Jones is a compassionate medical professional with years of experience in progressive roles within the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields.  She is experienced in overseeing quality improvement programs within pharmacy, managed care and health information technology settings along with overseeing sales and all provider network services. DeAndra’s expertise and experience spans areas such as: performance management; healthcare quality improvement; medication utilization management; managed care; strategic planning; and market research.  DeAndra has an MBA in Marketing/Management and a Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy, High and Special Honors, both degrees are from the University of Texas at Austin.